Green Home?
Generally we all misunderstand the concept of Green Home as Green Environment. Rather, it pertains to the effective use of environmental resources, such as power, water and minimizing pollution. A green power resource can either be solar-based or windmill based.

Constructed wells, rivers and dams along with rainwater harvesting and storing are the most commonly used techniques to keep the water level adequate for making of green home. Also making pollution-free garbage means the use of garbage for composting or power generation.

Cost of green home versus a normal home:
The price of home, depends on cost of construction and on its location. Experts believe that a green building can be little or no additional cost. The net cost of owning a green home can be equal to or even cheaper than a standard home. So many a times it may so happens that architects, builders, engineers, plumber or any other industry professionals, all those are not aware or are not experienced in planning homes that are cost-effective.

Advantages offered by green home:

Healthier homes: Green homes are generally use non-toxin free building materials, which can combat indoor pollution.

Economical:One can always use resource that are available locally for constructing the house. Moreover, for heat and electricity, renewable energy sources like solar power, hydro power and wind power can be used.

Environmental impact: Conservation of eco system and bio diversity, improved air and water quality, less water generation and preservation of natural resources, are a few of the environmental benefits that one can achieve by living in a green home.

Things to keep in mind, while buying a green home:

1) Before buying a green home, always inquire whether the materials used can reused, renewed or recycle and whether they are energy efficient and durable.
2) A house can be constructed as a green home right from beginning, even a regular house can be modified to eco-friendly later.

Nevertheless, the common factors in each case that determine that the home will be a green home, include water conservation, energy efficiency, preservation of natural resources, generation of less waste and healthy neighbourhoods.

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